Computer And Internet Related Full Form

कम्प्यूटर और इंटरनेट से संबंधित फुल फॉर्म आपको इस पोस्ट पर मिलेगी इसलिए आप इस पोस्ट को पूरा जरूर पढ़े  

Acronym Full Form
CPU Central Possessing Unit
ALU Arithmatic Logic Unit
UPS Univerted Power Supply
CU Control Unit
WWW World Wide Wave
OMR Optical Mark Reader
MICR Magnetic Ink Charactor Recognition
VDU Visual Display Unit
ROM Read Only Memory
RAM Random Access Memory
CD Compact Disc
DVD Digital Video Disk
FDD Floppy Disk Drive
LAN Local Area Network
WAN Wide Area Network
LED Light Emitting Diode
HTTP Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
DOS Disk Top System
E-COMMERCE Electronic Commerce
HTML High Text Markup Language
LDU Liquid Display Unit
IC Integrated Circuit
PROM Programmable Read Only Memory
SD Secure Digital
BASIC Beginner's All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
FAX Far Away Xerox
WAIS Wide Area Information Server
URL Uniform Resource Locater
E-Mail Electronic Mail
ICT Information and Communication Technology
HIPS Host Based Intrusion Prevention System
IT Information Technology
SMS Short Massage Service
MMS Multimedia Massage Service
OTP One Time Password
GSM Global System For Mobile
PDF Portable Document Format
OTG On The Go
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
SIM Subscriber Identity Module
GPS Global Position System
WIFI Wireless Fidelity
VIRUS Vital Information Resource Under Seize
USB Universal Service Bus
ALGOL Algorithmic Language
ASCIII American Standard Code For Information Interchange
BCD Binary Coded Decimal Code
CAD Computer Aided Design
COBOL Common Business Oriented Language
C-DOT Center For Development Of Telematics
CLASS Computer Literacy And Studies In School
COMAL Common Algorithmic Language
DOS Disk Operating System
DTS Desk Top System
DTP Desk Top Publishing
ENIAC Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer
FORTRAN Formula Translation
FLPOS Floating Operations Per Second
HLL High Level Language
IBM International Business Machine
ISH Information Super Highway
LISP List Processing
LLL Low Leval Language
MIPS Millions Of Instruction Per Second
MOPS Millions Of Operation Per Second
MODEM Modulator Demodulator
NICNET National Information Center Network
PC-DOS Personal Computer Disk Operating System
RPG Report Programme Generater
SNOBOL String Oriented Symbolic Language
VLSI Very Large Scale Integration
Computer Commony Operating Machine Particular User Training Education Research

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